A cheaper start to the school year for Langara students


During this fall’s Welcome Week, Langara College is bringing in resources to help students save money from September 5 to September 8.

Langara’s bookstore is presenting Textbook Buyback allowing students to return their used textbooks for cash.

“[The exchange] is right on campus where all the students are,” says Sukhpreet, “so we don’t need to harass anyone to buy our old textbooks that are useless to us now.”

Students also have the opportunity to buy a new textbook that they require for fall semester courses with the money they received from their old textbooks.

Along with textbook cashback, Langara students also have the opportunity to sign up for a free Evo Car Share membership.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.50.44 PM
Pictured above are the signs where Langara students can now park after signing up for Evo’s free membership.

Membership purchasers receive 45 minutes of free driving with the membership as well as a free parking pass allowing students to park across from the school’s campus in parking places that usually require permission.

According to the Rates and Payments Options page on the Langara website, full time students driving to school every day pay about $590 per term if they payed the daily rate of seven dollars.

“The more [students] enjoy [Evo car services] the more they will continue to use it so it is a mutually beneficial relationship,” Jeeves Kiruparan has worked for Evo for two years and said.

Langara and sponsoring vendors are set up around campus today for the final day of Welcome Week with more free prizes, information and activities. Welcome back everyone!



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