As my final semester in Langara College’s Journalism Diploma program located in Vancouver, B.C. comes to a close, a position alongside other determined creators would be a privilege.

Though I originally applied with the intention to tell stories with the written word, Langara’s journalism program has exposed me to the artistic side of storytelling. Audio and video have allowed me to better capture emotion from my interviews, and share it in a way that listeners and viewers can make their own, first hand observations, while magazine writing has shown me the eloquent, in depth side of journalism.

Since September of 2016, I have spoken to people from multiple walks of life. From active politicians to professional athletes, grief-yoga instructors to Sikh researchers and professors in England –  journalism has been the key to experiencing the world in a more insightful way. In addition, through my studies I have had the opportunity to play multiple roles alongside my colleagues such as Senior T.V. Producer, Assignment Editor, and  Online City-Desk.  I have been pushed past my limits and have discovered abilities that even surprised me.

Thanks for being a part of my story!


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