Cass Lucke is a journalist, story-teller and mental health advocate dedicated to using her platform to candidly address uncomfortable conversations. Upon graduation from Langara College’s journalism diploma program in 2018, Cass received the Jeani Read-Michael Mercer Scholarship in partnership with CBC Radio Vancouver. She used this opportunity to produce the radio series, All in Your Mind, which looked at the science behind mindful and meditative practices, how and why they are being brought into the mainstream, and which told personal stories of people who have been directly impacted by these practices.

Cass is also a recipient of the Eat North Rising Scholarship for her feature article, One hundred years of resilience against rapid urbanizationwhich addresses the declining farmland in Richmond, B.C., and features city counsellor and local farmer Harold Steves.

Since entering the world of journalism to pursue her passion for writing, Cass has uncovered her passion for audio and video storytelling, and hopes to continue connecting with like-minded individuals to tell more powerful stories with the power of all medias.

Cass intends to keep advocating for the importance of mental health, and hopes to work toward relieving the stigma around mental illness by continuing to candidly speak about her own experiences.

For Cass’ most recent resume, visit her LinkdIn profile here.


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